Saturday, December 5, 2009

Time keeps on slippin'...

No, there is nothing wrong with your eyes. This is actually a new post! (although i'm guessing i have reused the title ... not bothering to double-check yet)

Things have been quite busy for me. Thanks to those who have been checking in periodically and sending well-wishes, etc. Things were pretty bleak when I was unemployed (although then I had lots of time for blogging!). Got a temporary gig in Chicago in July, and just as I started settling into that a full-time position opened up in Springfield. Interviewed in August, relocated in September (about two days before starting work!), and the rest has been a whirlwind. Blogging (and keeping up on reading blogs) has had to take a seat in my standing-room-only world of work and other excitements like paying bills.

We're finally unpacked and settled into the new place, and trying to restart healthy routines like exercising and getting some minimum amounts of sleep. Keeping up on world events and venting a bit on this blog are also in the works. I did update the "about me" and the "music" tabs under the header. This spurt of false "productivity" will probably last me through next June. :-)

In the meantime, I will be trying to catch up on all those blogs I used to read, in addition to studying for my Surgery in-training exam in January and keeping up with my other duties. And slowly getting rid of all the junk in the extra boxes I've been hauling around during my last three moves.

Bonzo bits

(gonna pilot this one here - a section for little anecdotes and observations)

Text message spell-check is pretty square

My wife was heading to her "Bloody Mary Mafia" meet-up (that's a topic for another blog) this morning before I had finished up at work, so she sent me a quick text to update me. "Walking to the car now" is what I received - which is weird 'cause I had the car at work. Apparently she uses the "auto-complete" feature, and her phone didn't suspect that "bar" would be the intended word choice at 11:17 am on a Saturday. Go figure.

2 snide remarks:

kapgar December 6, 2009 at 6:00 PM  

Want to say something as a comment... but am still in shock that you're posting again... must recover...

Ron B. December 9, 2009 at 9:50 PM  

Glad to see new posts!

My younger sis is interviewing for the MD/PHD program of U of Chicago. Would you mind if I put her in touch with you regarding your experience? Reason I ask is that my parents are concerned that she'll be delaying earning a physician salary by 4-5 years if she does it (it would be a PhD in Economics). Lemme know!

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