Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Cleaning

babyfaceHaven't gotten to the real productive stuff yet - going through the umpteen boxes of crap that have been dragged through the last 3-4 moves, besides the actual deep cleaning the apartment needs so badly. But my face did it's own version, and shed the beard that has kept my face warm through the winter and - well, the last probably 12 years since I last bared all my facial skin. Did a goatee-thing several years back, but even that is self-defeating when a major reason for maintaining the beard is to avoid the chore of shaving.

Now, despite being mid-30-something, I have been called "babyface" and still can't quite identify fully with the face in the mirror. I guess the beard is gonna have to stay. Then again, I can't really identify with the increasing amount of cranium reflecting back the mirror's reflection - and I have no intention to carpet that or apply chemicals in a vain attempt to look younger. I guess I can just shave the beard again if that urge strikes. :-)

Sorry for the fluff piece - work has been too busy and draining to do any quality ranting. I'll take a hiatus and maybe post a few pics for a while. Check back soon, leave me comments here on the blog, or harass me on facebook. And check out the music section above - updated that as well.

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