Thursday, February 10, 2005

can you hear me NOW? - latest update April 2010

CD in the player now:

The Cars (Anthology)

We recently down-graded from our broken-down three-disc shelf system to a single-disc compact stereo, which also has the capability to play mp3s from an iPod. Not *my* iPod, mind you, as it is such an older model that the software is not compatible. I can squeeze out a single song at a time from the iPod through the stereo, but who wants to unmount and remount after each song....

So I have returned to my roots, and am once again slowly working through the "classics" in my collection. Sitting ready to go near the stereo are double CDs of The Doors and The Cars. Most recently listened to the latter, which has a nice mingled sound of pop and late classic rock, a feel-good kinda sound.

Last listened to on the iPod:

The Animaniacs

My wife is a big fan of the mid-90's cartoon show that featured a lot of songs and silly cartoon bits. When we hooked up, one of my fringe benefits was raiding her music collection, and these worked their way onto the iPod for a recent car trip. Although they are obviously geared toward a younger audience, some of the tunes are rather catchy - and some are nice throwbacks to real classics (like "The Pirates of Penzance"). For a nerd like me those parodies can be a lot of fun.

Most recent ear worm:

"Inside Out" by Eve 6

Don't know why this caught me again - but I've always enjoyed it despite it being overplayed back in the late 90's. Lately I keep hearing it on the radio, and again find it hitting a cord. It's sorta from that alternative genre of songs with interesting phrases strung together, that may or may not really make much sense overall. But still very catchy.

Favorite new find / recently heard:

The Rambling Blues Band

Since relocating to Springfield, my wife fell-in with a blogging / tweeting crowd, and got to personally meet some people that turned out to be in a popular local band, Music for Big Kids. My wife has become a pseudo-groupie, and one of their gigs was shared by The Rambling Blues Band. I don't know if they play any original music, but I was quite wowed by their range and skill in doing cover songs. From Led Zeppelin to Tom Petty to Tracy Chapman, I nearly thought I was hearing the original. And from my limited exposure to them, they seem to play long sets and are a real crowd pleaser.

Recently rediscovered:

"Sweeney Todd"

Had seen the play once upon a time back in college, and remembered enjoying it (although didn't remember much of it in detail). When the Johnny Depp movie was coming out, the wife and I managed to catch two or three different productions of it (one with Ben Kingsley, another with Ray Winstone) along with the "original" broadway soundtrack with Angela Landsbury. I enjoyed the remake by Tim Burton, and started listening to that soundtrack quite a bit too much. Finally left it for a while, but the song "A Little Priest" is too good of a gem to leave forgotten for long. The version from the original broadway album is a bit longer and has a slightly different flavor to it (pun intended), but the voices of Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp are more pleasing overall.

This is my own pathetic version of a dynamic music blog. Check back periodically for updates!

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

About me - updated December 2009

I am a thirty-something surgery resident. Married for a couple of years now, waiting on having kids until my wife and I are a bit more settled in our new town. Without the responsibilities of parenthood, I often still feel like I'm 12 years old - until my breaking-down body reminds me otherwise.

Currently living in Springfield, IL, with family in northern Illinois. I grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, went to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for college and medical school, and did a couple years of surgery residency in Chicago. Now I'm continuing my training here at SIU.

Live with my wife and cat - who spend their time ignoring each other fairly effectively. The kitty is featured prominently in the header above. My wife is more camera shy.

I started this blog mostly on a whim, but since then it has transformed into a personal soapbox for ranting about crazy news stories, politics, and irritating behavior. Then it got promptly forgotten when work kicked up again. I do hope to keep up with it a little better for those items, as well as for reviewing books and movies I have found interesting. Books and movie review content will be hosted in other forums (goodreads and Rotten Tomatoes), but I will periodically post updates on this blog to notify of new items.

So - that's all I'll ramble about for now. As you can tell, I am often unfortunately verbose... but I mean well. Happy reading, and please drop me a line to let me know you stopped by, and/or give me feedback or topic suggestions. I thrill at the prospect of debate - so let me know when you disagree as well!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Convert (noun)

testing this out ... been dragged in by my better half.

more later. maybe.


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