Monday, August 22, 2005

Never too young for Alzheimer's

less than six months ago i opened up this blog... and i won't bore you with the difficulties i had in gaining access to it again just now. needless to say, i apologize to user "bonzo" for flooding his/her mailbox with password reminder requests. apparently "username" and the name for logging in are different despite being termed the same on this site.

i need a vacation. coming soon, assuming i can pass my exam on wednesday. if wednesday ever comes - as far as i'm concerned, yesterday, today, and tomorrow are sunday. gonna be a shock to my system as tuesday rings in with my alarm clock in 9 hours. potentially my last day with "hardass preceptor" ... been a good wake-up, i guess - but still not fun, nonetheless.

ok, boys and girls. maybe i'll actually use this site "fairly" regularly in the coming months as i venture away from my little oasis here in central illinois. time to get out and smell manure from other farms. "GENIOUS!"


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  • 2009-december: updated some content and re-initiated the blog
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  • 2009-may: formatted search boxes and reference / mail icons
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  • 2008-nov: resumed blogging more regularly
  • 2005-feb: started "Bonzo-phrenia" at "bonzo-er" domain

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