Sunday, June 7, 2009

Feline influenza

kitty in the grassSo yesterday I was hanging around the apartment, and decided to nuzzle the kitty 'cause she looked so cute curled up on the back of the couch. As I brought my face down to her level, almost on cue, she sneezed right in my face. I was momentarily disturbed by that fact, and it gave my wife a good laugh, but otherwise I didn't give it a second thought. Later, poor kitty had some gastronomic upset(*) outta both ends - again, not something all that rare, so I didn't linger on that fact much.

Then about the time I finally got around to cleaning up her messes, it finally struck me why the day seemed to be progressing in slow-motion. I was getting sick! Headache, sore throat ... maybe I caught something from the little petri dishes (**) I came into contact with recently. Overnight I rapidly advanced to chills, full-body aching, and nearer the morning I started burning up. This was no mere "bug" I had caught - this was a new breed of microbe I cooked up thanks to my cat and attempting to be "cultured" by visiting a museum. Now they'll have to take cultures of ME, patient zero. Will "kitty flu" be the new pandemic?!?

The good news I am feeling a little better already today - the sore throat is receding some instead kitty burrowed in her favorite blanket of getting worse, and I don't believe there was any sign of fever this morning. Now if I could just burn off this brain-fog, shake the headache, and lose the body aches....

In the meantime, both kitty and I are taking it easy today. And the wife wisely escaped for a while.

* dunno why i'm feeling so euphemistic, but go with it and be glad i'm sparing you the details.

** on Thursday I finally got to meet a buddy's kids - one about 4 years old, one about 6 months. I'm always surprised at just how much drool these little ones can produce. Then on Friday we took advantage of a "free day" at the Museum of Science and Industry, which was teeming with screaming rugrats and only a fraction of the interesting exhibits I was expecting / remembering. Translation - skip it unless you are bringing your own kids and are VERY PATIENT.

3 snide remarks:

radioactive girl June 7, 2009 at 5:56 PM  

I hope you are feeling better soon! I am sick (again!) I have had a cold for days now, and woke up with no voice this morning. My dog sneezed in my face a few days ago so maybe mine is k9 flu?

As for the museum, we have a membership and the first few times we brought the kids we all had fun...the kids because it was all new to them, and us because it was cool seeing them see everything for the first time and remebering when we were little and went there. The last time we went we were sort of bored with it. We also went to the harry potter exhibit and were really disappointed with it but that's another story entirely.

kapgar June 8, 2009 at 6:54 AM  

Glad you're getting over it. I'm also glad that you didn't feel the sudden need to lick yourself inappropriately. I head that's a symptom of feline influenza. Lucky you. And *lynne*.

bonzo June 10, 2009 at 4:51 PM  

kapgar - that "licking" thing was a later stage. it's probably a good thing i'm not very flexible....

radio-girl - thanks for the well-wishes. yeah, our damn pets are conspiring against us. glad we didn't bother with the harry potter exhibit. they had the flying car in the ticket atrium - that was good enough for us. :-)

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