Wednesday, March 15, 2006

back in the world of the living ... sorta


settled - i'm going with option - was it #2? (hehe - no comments on "number 2" please....) i have booked myself into a PGY1 (post-graduate year 1) general surgery internship at Rush in Chicago. will be interesting to be in the big city. but at least (or just another form of torture?!?) i will be close to family.

next big steps -

  • get lady-love back into the country
  • find some digs (house/apt to rent for 1 year)
  • figure out how to schmooze my way into an oto residency while maintaining credit for the year of internship i'll be in the middle of....
oh, and i guess it would be a good idea to study enough to jump into this program running...!!

in the meantime, "baby steps":
  • get HxPxDx grades all tucked in - which of course means more grading, etc.
  • ACE my psych shelf exam - that will be at the near-end of april
  • go shopping for the first time in nearly a month - my dinner for the past three days has been peanut butter & jelly on a bagel
  • throw out all my dirty dishes and invest in styrofoam
  • i guess it would be a good idea to do my taxes at some point
and maybe the most daunting task - go through all the SHIT in my apartment and throw stuff out to make it easier to move at the end of may.

life IS fun.

peace out,

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