Sunday, October 2, 2005

I don't envy....

the life of a medical resident. wow. i'm here at washington university in st. louis, missouri, about to start my 4th and last week of a sub-internship in otolaryngology (ENT - ear, nose, and throat) and head & neck surgery. i am applying to enter residency in ENT in 2006. a nice additional 5 years to my already extended education.

residents are SO busy! sleep and eating become optional. at least i'll be able to drop some pounds then, maybe.

wish me luck!

soon i jump over to iowa city for another crack at this sub-internship thing (to make sure i like the field, and to see what things are like in that program). then back to lovely shampoo-banana to spend precious moments with my fianceE before she heads off to her homeland once again. i love bureaucratic nonsense with immigration etc.

love and kisses,

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